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Revenge of the Birds

While we're out crying and complaining about the state of the Redskins, it's nice that other teams exist to make us feel less bad about current circumstances. For instance, did you know the Cardinals have had just two winning seasons since 1984? Or that, despite having been around since 1920, they've only managed to finish the season numero uno in a relevant offensive or defensive category just once? In 87 years? [For comparison, we've had 12 winning seasons and finished first in relevant offensive and defensive categories six times since 1932.]

With that said, please welcome Revenge of the Birds, SB Nation's newest NFL blog and proud supporter of the Arizona Cardinals.

Full disclosure: I'm a nerd, Revenge of the Nerds is cinematic gold, I didn't get tired of of the 2nd or 3rd one, either, and Ogre remains a personal hero to me.