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A well timed bye week

Recap of the disaster at FedEx field last Sunday still pending. In the meantime... Injury update per Redskins Insider:

Santana Moss says he has a strained groin and would not have played if the Skins had a game Sunday. Says he is not sure when he can return to practice and will see the trainers when he gets back to town next week. (Players are off the rest of the week, just have to come in to lift once, but no more practice or anything).
Coach is calling Santana day to day, which I hope means "ready by the Detroit game." The offense hasn't exactly lit things up (we're currently 17th) and I can't imagine us getting any better without Santana. The big emergence has been Antwaan Randle El, who looks and smells like a legitimate #2 receiver should. He's averaging, hold the phone on this one, 21.6 ypc which is higher than any receiver in the league with more than 4 receptions. He's moving chains as well; 10 of his 11 catches have resulted in 1st downs.

To defense:

LaRon Landry and Anthony Montgomery have sprained right hands/wrists but say they will be fine.

Fred Smoot says the swelling in his hamstring is finally diminishing and he will be fine after the bye week. Apologized for repeatedly saying he was going to play the last two weeks and says he misjudged how tricky hammies can be.

Marcus Washington says he dislocated elbow is still sore, and he suffered a setback in the Monday game at Philly, causing him to wear a bulkier brace. He hopes to be able to shed that brace in the coming weeks.

Phillip Daniels was able to play through a bruised foot - it was already sprained - but should be okay after the bye.

I'd keep an eye on Griffin too. I know that hip must be bothering him some and he banged up his ankle pretty good Sunday and played through it. Hard to see warriors like Griffin and Daniels staying healthy and they don't have much depth on the D Line.

LaRon Landry is made of unbreakable materials so I'm not concerned about him one bit. Regarding Anthony Montgomery, has anyone else noticed that he's received a substantial amount of PT? More than Kedric Golston? I'm interested to hear your theories on this. The coaching staff was huge on Montgomery during the offseason, never giving up the opportunity to claim he was a physical monstrosity that perhaps struggled due to a work ethic problem last year, one that has since been fixed. His numbers are by no means eyebrow raising, yet, but he's being given ample opportunity to prove himself. Should he develop into a competetive DT starter, we might have found a good young nucleus on the defensive line for years to come.

We need Fred Smoot back. If memory serves, it was a Carlos Rogers missed tackle on Plaxico Burress that enabled the go-ahead touchdown for the Giants. Might be some time before I forgive that error.

The bye week is timely regarding the Marcus Washington elbow injury, though he's played through it. This man is unnatural.

I feel better about depth at defensive tackle, at this point, than I do about the ends. I like where Golston and Montgomery are headed, but am not yet impressed with Demetric Evans, and he's had plenty of time to win me over. At this point I'm calling him a good but not great defensive end who is fine as a rotational guy and backup but not a legitimate starter if Daniels goes down for long stretches. Speaking of Daniels, is he a ballhawk around the goal line or what? Passes swatted at the line of scrimmage should effectively count as sacks, and were this a fair statistical world Daniels would be considered one of the most productive members of the line to this point.

More later, and welcome to all the new commenters here at Hogs Haven. I'll discuss what many of you have been saying about the team's loss this past weekend later on today, when I finally get a recap up. Cheers and HTTR.