Is it just me?

Hello All,
I am very new to hogs haven! I would like to start off by talking about the game today. 24-17 loss to the Giants. I honestly feel that Joe at times is to conservative with the ball. We (Washington Redskins) have so many weapons, however I feel that we are not able to spread defenses, maybe its do to injury on the offensive line. At the same time you have a QB that can be really good, and fast receivers why not take more shots down field? EVERYONE already knows that Joe likes to "Pound" the ball, why not throw the ball against a Giants secondary that is not that strong? Note that when passing the ball LATE in the 4th quarter...took the ball down to the field. Once we got there played in the the Giants defenses hands by not spreading our offense, they knew that we were running the ball!!! Come on Joe!!