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Weekend Open Thread

Tuesday edit by Ben: I have taken the liberty of tallying Skin Patrol's games for him, he scored an impressive 3-10-3 this week so maybe it's time to Costanza the Costanza strategy.
And perhaps even a gameday open thread for our 4:15PM Eastern kickoff game against the Giants this Sunday. I'll be traveling much of the weekend and am uncertain about whether I'll get in town with enough time to open a thread or whether I'll have to head directly to the bars to catch all or as much of the game as I can. Or maybe not even, as the game will be televised virtually everywhere nationally. Excepting a huge chunk of the southeast (the other game is Atlanta/Carolina) and scattered segments throughout -- someone will have to explain to me why a miniscule portion of eastern Montana gets blacked out on this game -- we'll be the biggest show in town. That's two weeks in a row with large amounts of exposure. Our MNF victory over the Eagles catapulted us up many power rankings, including the 1st ever SB Nation Power Rankings, where we finished 12th. Obviously I have some strong disagreements with the rankings as they don't look at all much like my own, but whatever. What do I know.

My thoughts on the 'Skins accompanied by Big Blue View's thoughts on the Giants are as good of places to start for this weekend's festivities as any.

Before I forget, here come my picks for this weekend, operating on the same George Castanza law that helped me avoid disaster last week:

ARZ @ BAL (-8)Pick: That's a lot of points to give the Cardinals, who have beaten a quality Seahawks team. I'd pick the Cards, Castanza says: Baltimore Wrong again

CAR (-3.5) @ ATLPick: Carolina wins this by a landslide, per me. Per Castanza: Atlanta Wrong again

DAL @ CHI (-3)Pick: Cowboys are going to win this game straight up. Castanza says: Chicago Wrong again

JAX @ DEN (-3)Pick: This is a toss up. We'll take Jacksonville because Denver hasn't won any game convincingly yet. Castanza says: Jacksonville Computer says yes

IND (-6) @ HOUPick: I like Houston's chances here to cover or even have a shot at winning, but -6 points? As likely as I may think it is that Houston wins this game, I also think Indy could walk away with it by multiple touchdowns. We take Indy, Castanza: Houston PUSH no winner no winner

MIN @ KC (-3)Pick: Vikings win outright. Therefore Castanza: Kansas City PUSH no winner no winner

BUF @ NE (-16.5)Pick: This isn't a professional football line. Buffalo will cover. Or will they, Castanza? New England Computer says yes

MIA @ NYJ (-3)Pick: Jets get 3 points for playing at home. They should win outright, and why not take the spread. Therefore: Miami PUSH no winner no winner

CLE @ OAK (-3)Pick: What am I missing here? It's the Browns to win straight up. Therefore: Oakland Wrong again

DET @ PHI (-6)Pick: Again, WTF? What am I missing? Lions win this straight up. Therefore: Philadelphia Computer says yes

SF @ PIT (-9)Pick: Steelers without question. They've yet to not win big and I like them matched up against the 49ers at home. Therefore: San Fransisco Wrong again

SD (-5) @ GBPick: Green Bay wins straight up, again, I don't understand this line one bit. Therefore: San Diego Wrong again

CIN @ SEA (-3.5)Pick: I pick the Bengals to win. Therefore: Seattle Wrong again

STL @ TB (-3.5)Pick: Tampa Bay will win this by at least one touchdown. I said it. Therefore: St. Louis Wrong again

NYG @ WAS (-3.5)Pick: Duh, Redskins. Wrong again

TEN @ NO (-4)Pick: Again, what the deuce? The Titans win this game straight up. Therefore: New Orleans. Wrong again

[Games and lines complements Curly R, who also tallied last week's results. He also notes that the Costanza method is undefeated. (I tied with Common Prejudice at 8-7-1.)

Have a great, safe weekend reader(s) and hopefully someone will get you a unique gameday open thread up by Sunday afternoon, if I'm unavailable. Cheers and HTTR.

Official Prediction: Redskins finally get big on the scoreboard against the weakest defense they've faced to date. The Giants do better against our defense than previous opponents, but still lose convincingly. Final score: 30-17