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5 Questions with Big Blue View

Update [2007-9-21 10:41:30 by Skin Patrol]: Big Blue View has my answers up, if anyone is interested.
Playing the Giants this week so here comes the obligatory 5 questions exchanged. Mine should be up at his site sometime prior to the game. Enjoy:
Hogs Haven: Who is running for the Giants on Sunday, and why should, or shouldn't, I be worried about it?

Big Blue View: Derrick Ward is the primary back w/Brandon Jacobs hurt. Ward has been excellent in two games, gaining 179 on 28 carries -- a 6.4 yards per carry average. He has also caught 8 passes. Ward is far from the problem with the Giants. In fact, he's been a very pleasant surprise.

HH: What has to happen for us to see Jared Lorenzen waddle onto the field?

BBV: Well, I would think  that someone would have to rip Eli Manning's right arm all the way off. Or, the Redskins will have to win by about 40.

HH: What would you say scares you most about the Giants defense going into Sunday?

BBV: Everything! Mostly the fact that they have given up 80 points in two games and played almost no defense. Truthfully, though, the Giants do play decent run defense. But, they have shown no pass rush and have not been able to cover anybody.

HH: Which Giants player are Redskins fans perhaps unfamiliar with, but will become very familiar with come Sunday?

BBV: Cornerback Aaron Ross. The Giants No. 1 pick has played pretty well in limited duty. He may start Sunday and even if he doesn't will play significant minutes. He might already be the best cornerback they have. Also, with some of the injuries to Giants wide receivers keep an eye out for Anthony Mix.

HH: Tom Coughlin... lame duck Coach?

BBV: Uh, Dead Coach Walking. Pretty much any way you want to describe it, I guess. I am not willing to say Coughlin has no chance to save his job at this point, but if this turns into a 5-11 or 6-10 season -- and it is threatening to -- he won't be around next year.

Muchas gracias to BBV for the questions/answers.