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Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League Draft

With the first selection in the 2007 Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League, Burgundy and Gold selects LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, Chargers...

Here's the rest of the draft order (I swear I didn't pick this):

  1. Burgundy and Gold - Ladainian Tomlinson
  2. SeanTaylorEatsBabies - Steven Jackson
  3. Short & Curlies (curlyr) - Larry Johnson
  4. Errant Paintballs - Frank Gore
  5. 70 Chip (brock) - Joseph Addai
  6. Brownskins - Shaun Alexander
  7. Fleft's Freaks - Willie Parker
  8. Brit'Skins - Brian Westbrook
  9. JustinU804nDem - Rudi Johnson
  10. Chocolate Rain (TexSkins) - Laurence Maroney
  11. MC Hammers (Romans12) - Peyton Manning
  12. paloffs - Travis Henry

Other noteables:

  • Clinton Portis goes in the third round (26th overall) to SeanTaylorEatsBabies.
  • Santana Moss (52nd) to Errant Paintballs.
  • Chris Cooley (62nd) to MC Hammers.
  • Ladell Betts (112th) to JustinU804nDem.
  • Antwaan Randle El (176th) to Brit'Skins.
  • Washington Defense (178th) to Chocolate Rain.
  • Brandon Lloyd to (180th) to paloffs.