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Pete Kendall has won me over, don't forget to get your Captain Chaos t-shirt

The Steinberg is having a big day today. He's posting on Sean Taylor's rocking fro used to terrify opponents into dropped passes last Monday, and pointing out just how awkward it is when two completely strange, and alien worlds collide:

Since Taylor and I have a great relationship--I once asked him whether he thought officials were picking on him, and he countered by asking if I thought they were picking on me--I asked him whether the hair would remain out this week. He didn't respond.

I later saw him walking into a meeting room and asked him again whether he would keep his hair the same way this week. In response, Taylor turned to Vinny Cerrato, who happened to be standing nearby.

"Hey man, are you going to keep your hair like that this week?" Taylor asked Cerrato. "I like it, it's a good look."

So they're pretty much BFFs?

Steinberg, never a one trick pony, also got the scoop on this weekend's throwback jerseys which we'll be wearing against the Giants. Pictures here.  Rock Cartwright goes cryptic on them:

"If we look good, we play good," Rock Cartwright said. "But it doesn't matter how we look as long as we win the football game, that's the main thing. Guys like the burgundy uniforms, but coach likes what he likes. We're going to wear whatever he say we've got to wear, and that's how it is."
So if you look good, you play good... but also since it doesn't matter how you look, playing good isn't really affected by looking good. Confusion say... We love you Rock Cartwright. But Pete Kendall and Casey Rabach steal the show:
"Well, canary yellow's always been my color, so I for one am thrilled to be wearing the canary yellow," Pete Kendall said.

"I think I'm going to look good in yellow and white," center Casey Rabach added. "It'll definitely accentuate my physique, and make my hips look a little smaller."

[Ben chimes in: "When administering a severe beatdown any color looks good on you." Except for fucia.]

Speaking of fashion, make sure you get your Captain Chaos t-shirt. Mr. 289 makes the world a better place.

PS: Use the code "thankyou" on your purchase to save $5.