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Oliver Willis is clutch

Update [2007-9-19 10:47:30 by Skin Patrol]: Oliver emailed and let me know that:
I dedicate it to the Coach Gibbs School For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Stuff
Speaking, of course, to the Official Hogs Haven Dot Com Award For Excellence In You Tube Redskins Commentary, given out only once in the entire history of the universe, making it one of the most prestigious and exclusive awards... ever. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. God bless Oliver Willis and go congratulate him on his win and humanitarian efforts. World needs more Oliver Willis.
I don't really know who this man is, but he has his own "show", only by show I mean he posts videos of himself on youtube. Further by "show" I mean 11 second clip. I anxiously await his 4th installment, though in the meantime please watch him speak truth to power:

Oliver Willis gets the Official Hogs Haven Dot Com Award For Excellence In You Tube Redskins Commentary. Continue.


And I imagine this shit was a lot less funny after the game:

ILLEGAL. I'm no big city attorney, though pretend to be one in school, but that looks a whole lot like a tort of conversion to me, especially if that dude has trouble tracking down his car. Fortunately, the offending parties have left video evidence of themselves on the Internets -- very wise.

Update [2007-9-18 20:42:33 by Skin Patrol]: This post tastes pretty good, but it needs more Oliver Willis. Concise, to the point, American hero? I haven't gone too far at all: