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We've lost Randy Thomas to surgery

Per the Official Site:

Right guard Randy Thomas will undergo surgery this week to repair his injured triceps, head coach Joe Gibbs said.

Thomas underwent an MRI on Tuesday, and the results confirmed that there was a tear.

As to Thomas's availability for the remainder of the season, Gibbs said: "We're just going to have to evaluate after the surgery what we think would be the time frame for him coming back."

It's likely that Thomas will be sidelined for a significant period of time.

If it's determined that Thomas could return post-surgery by November or December, then the team could opt to keep him on the active roster so he is available for the stretch run.

So the good news is that he won't go on Injured Reserve, providing some hope that he can return in time for a playoff run. This would be opposite 2005, when he played an incredible season only to be sidelined once playoffs started. Heal quickly, Randy. Damage control per Redskins Insider:
Gibbs says that Fabini will be the starter for now. I hear they are bringing in at least 3 linemen. Vincent and Rick DeMulling - former Lion and Colt - are two of them, league sources said. The other may be Zach Pillar - do not have that confirmed at all but they did flirt with him this offseason - but they definitely told people they were looking for veteran guys with starting experience.
Was not the least bit impressed by Jason Fabini getting cut by the Cowboys, less so by his false starts in goal line situations against the Eagles, though no harm no foul thanks to a beautiful Jason Campbell pass to Chris Cooley. We'll get a competition going for that spot ASAP and hopefully the brilliant mind of Joe Bugel will get whomever we scoop prepared for this weekend's game against the Giants. If anyone can do that perhaps herculean task, it's Joe Bugel.