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Redskins @ Eagles tonight for MNF

The team was ready to kick a field goal, and then Andy Reid said no job, and then we decided we'd give the offense another chance to get a delay of game penalty, a false start, and then finally Jason Campbell made the perfect pass to Chris Cooley. The game certainly would've been different had Coach Reid just let Suisham kick a field goal. Count me satisfied.
This isn't beating the Miami Dolphins, at home, in overtime, by a Shaun Suisham field goal. This is beating a division rival, a worthy adversary, a 7 point favorite, on the road, against the meanest fans in the nation, despite losing the turnover battle, despite not getting it done on the ground, etc. Etc. Etc.

This is great defense. This is being 2-0 football, and more than anything, this is Your Washington Redskins looking professional.


Kickoff and gameday info at the Official Site. We're set for 8:30 Eastern on ESPN's Monday Night Football. We're battling for shared privaledges atop the East with the Cowboys, as a win tonight puts us at 2-0 with a road victory over a division foe. That's a great place to be.

The Redskins are a touchdown dog so this game should hardly be a gimme gimme gimme. Bleeding Green previews the game. This is one of those rare moments where a Redskins team gets National Media coverage via Pat Kirwan at

  1. Jason Campbell has thrown for 220-plus yards in his last two starts.
  2. Clinton Portis has five rushing touchdowns in his last four games against Philly.
  3. Last week, Donovan McNabb only completed 45 percent of his passes and none over.
  4. Antwaan Randle El had his best game as a Redskin last week with five receptions for 162 yards.
  5. Washington was the No. 4 rushing team last year, while the Eagles were 26th against the run.
  6. The Redskins started this season with 400 yards of total offense against the No. 4 defense in 2006.
I don't like the Redskins, I love the Redskins. So does Ben.

My keys to the game:

  1. Mistake free
  2. Run the ball, run some more after that, run some more after that
  3. Must generate large chunks of yards on big plays
All predicated on the fact that we're a 7 point dog and that's how teams win on the road. I'm not yet ready to lay anything at the feet of our defense given that I don't know enough about the overall unit. Is this the 2005 defense or the 2006 defense? I haven't seen enough against competent offenses to make that evaluation just yet, though I am encouraged by what we saw last week. Thus, my opinion is that we win this playing Joe Gibbs scripted football: mitigate mistakes, run viciously and right at them, and use that run to open up the deep play action pass. Lee Gibbons knows what I'm talking about:
Running, running and more running.
Anyways, I'll be here, live blogging the event, for what feels like the first time in ages. I don't have to travel to reaches groggy (bar) or distant (amigo's house) to view a Monday Night Football game on national television, and neither do you. Join me, then, at this space.

HTTR -- Official prediction from here is... 23-13 Redskins. Holla.

Depending who you ask, My Brain Says Rage is either really offensive, or just speaking truth to power. I say Powah.