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Rick "Doc" Walker has more Super Bowl rings than me

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A quick shout out to Hail Redskins, who scored a great interview with Rick "Doc" Walker, former Redskins Tight End and current 'Skins radio personality. Doc, per Wikipedia, is moniker maker and for that I support him unflinchingly. Nicknames are as important a part of football as first downs.

There's a lot going on in the interview regarding Todd Wade, JC, the Dolphins game, etc. though we're picking on Brandon Lloyd. Take it away Doc:

K-You mention Jason Campbell and the threat of the deep passing game. One of those attempts led to an INT involving Brandon Lloyd seemingly giving up on his route. He followed that up with a lackluster effort in going after the Dolphin defender after the INT occurred. How much longer do the Redskins put up with Lloyd and his antics?

DW-Well, when you put $10mil in the hands of an athlete, it's frustrating, especially for the fans in this town. It's frustrating when you've seen the likes of Charley Taylor, Roy Jefferson, James Arthur Monk, Gary Clark, Ricky Sanders. They've seen Santana Moss. They've seen guys that just go out and play hard. I think that this town will accept you no matter what your talent level is if you play hard. I'm not ready to throw the towel in on Brandon Lloyd because I think he has enough pride to recover. He has to recover on Monday night. Now, he is on a short leash because they brought Caldwell in, who has started a lot of games in this league. Brandon Lloyd is exactly what this team needs because he is a deep[pause] well allegedly he is a deep ball threat specialist. So, he blew an opportunity to make a play or to avoid an INT. That ball was on the forty. That was in a potential scoring position. I'll tell you what he is going through. He is going through the fact that he is not starting. He's down on himself, which happens with all athletes. He's got to fight through it, and if he does I think that he can serve himself well in this town. If not, then you know, he'll be cast aside. You saw the treatment that Archuleta got last year and he got $10mil as well. They've shown that they will put you on the bench no matter what you make if it come to a point where they have given up on you.

Honestly, for all the criticism I heap on Brandon Lloyd, I want nothing more than for him to come out on Monday, or next Sunday, or any gameday, and just blow up the opposition. I want him to answer his critics, me, on the field. I want to see the Brandon Lloyd that I was (foolishly) touting as one of the best #2 receivers in the league when we picked him up.

Also at HR, Spence talks about the Redskins Encyclopedia, which my copy of just showed up today. I'm going to get it reviewed as soon as I'm done reading it, which could be a while, though I encourage all reader(s) to order it. Here's the history on the history book. Here's the book's website. Mark Richman, the author, Redskins Historian, and contributor, is excellent people. He has been very helpful to me and this space. Foreward is by Dexter Manley, interviews from Charley Taylor, Sam Huff, Joe Theismann, Manley, Diron Talbert, Vince Promuto, etc. It is a remarkable book, and this isn't hyperbole. Buy it.

[And one lucky reader(s) might be able to win a copy in the not-so-distant future.]