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Shane Matthews: Dan Snyder "too hands-on"

First and foremost, a ginormous congratulations to Hog Heaven for securing an interview with former Redskins quarterback Shane Matthews. Ben was also in on the play. The entire piece is well worth reading as it covers a lot of ground, some of it unrelated to your beloved Redskins. This bit, on the 'Skins, is worth an additional stare:

The Redskins years

Although his time here was short, Matthews liked playing for the Redskins. FedEx Field holds a large audience of appreciative fans, and Matthews says the organization has good people, although "the owner tends to be too hands-on." However, Matthews says he had fun while with the Redskins.

He does not follow pro football much these days, but Matthews has a high regard for fellow Mississippian Jason Campbell who has all the tools needed to be successful in the NFL, he says. At one time, Matthews boasts, Mississippi had more NFL players per capita than any other State.

I am of the personal opinion that the team is better off if Dan Snyder is not making football decisions. As owner, he's in charge of hiring coaches and general managers and those are valuable skills where he has an opportunity of making both greatly beneficial and detrimental decisions. Player evaluation is not something that I think Dan Snyder should be involved in. Initiating trades (in one sense he has to initiate trades, as he's the spokesperson for the team -- that's not what I'm talking about here) in bars is not what I think an owner should be doing.

The bigger question is whether Snyder really involves himself in those decisions, and that's a debate I don't really want to have. The evidence suggests a controversy where reasonable minds might disagree. Joe Gibbs says he's the decider, yet sometimes we hear stories where Dan's the decider, and sometimes former quarterbacks explicitly say that our owner is "too hands-on". I really wish that line of questioning had been pursued more, as I'm interested to know how that is qualified.

But reader(s) are more interesting then me. Question for the comments section, do you agree with Shane Matthews? Is our owner too hands-on? (I suspect he is.) If so, what substantive events, proclamations, or behaviors that indicate being too hands on have you witnessed? The more specific, the better.

AOL Fanhouse, Former 'Skins Player Thinks The Danny Is 'Too Hands On'