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We interrupt this broadcast...

Kyle from Post Game Heroes has something to say and I am bound by duty to post it, even though it pains me to do so. Here goes:

Don't adjust your monitors, folks, has briefly taken over your favorite blog.  Just relax, loosen up, deep breath, this will only take a minute.  Because this is only week one and we plan on setting up shop on our competitors blogs once a week, we'll go real easy this time and not make you suffer through a long post.

We are here to proclaim victory in week 1 of the Blogger Deathsport NFL Pick'em contest and you all better get used to seeing us in this space every single week.
We're not big on bragging but we ran ROUGHSHOD over your favorite bloggers this weekend, we busted through their sliding glass windows while they slept, we made ourselves a sandwich in the kitchen, we stole their tv, took their stereo, kicked their dog, and spray-painted the name DILLWEED on the ceiling on the way out.

The thought of The Curly R's Ben, Hogs Haven's Skin Patrol, and Common Prejudice's Brian crying themselves to sleep Monday night is priceless.  We intend on ruining their weekends for the next few months. Until next Wednesday, adios amigos.

P.S. Next time we will not go so easy on you.  We will post a full 5 paragraphs of content about cartoons, animals, High School Musical, have been warned. Out.

Dagger and MBP