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Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League: Week 1

Week one ends with Burgundy and Gold setting a Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League all-time scoring record of 142.29 points... The TexSkins (with his 79.60 points and week 1 loss) surmised that this was due to his drafting first. As it turns out, even if BNG benched LaDainian Tomlinson, leaving that roster spot blank, he still would have finished in first place.

Another highlight of the week was our lone Eagles fan, Fleft's Freaks, scoring a measly 52.68, which was almost as bad as Philly's showing against the Packers on Sunday.

Without further adieu, here are the results:

Burgundy and Gold (1-0) def. JustinU804nDem (0-1)

  • Final Score: 142.29 - 67.29
  • Key player: Plaxico Burress went off for 144 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns.

Errant Paintballs (1-0) def. MC Hammers (0-1)

  • Final Score: 119.90 - 56.02
  • Key player: Cowgirls QB threw the ball to his suicidal wide receiver a couple of times.

Brownskins (1-0) def. 70 Chip (0-1)

  • Final Score: 95.93 - 90.98
  • Key player: Jon Kitna (still plays?) torched the Raiders for 289 yards and 3 TDs (and only 2 ints).

SeanTaylorEatsBabies (1-0) def. Chocolate Rain (0-1)

  • Final Score: 95.65 - 79.60
  • Key player: Randy Moss is back! 183 yards and a score against... oh, does it really count if he did this against the Jets?

paloffs (1-0) def. Brit'Skins (0-1)

  • Final Score: 88.75 to 74.25
  • Key player: Tom Brady. Well, somebody had to throw to Moss.

Short & Curlies (1-0) def. Fleft's Freaks (0-1)

  • Final Score: 77.53 - 52.68
  • Key player: Just being matched up against Fleft was enough for a victory.