Final cuts are in....

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] Promoted for relevancy. Regular posting resumes tomorrow or else Tuesday and my apologies for my absence. I will have much to say on this and other related Redskins news next week. My enormous thanks to Zknower for taking care of the house while I'm being a bad blogger. .... with no real surprises.

Per La Confora at WaPo:

OL Calvin Armstrong
DT Matthias Askew
FB Fred Beasley
RB Brian Bell
WR Carl Berman
WR Corey Bradford
RB Dee Brown
DE Alex Buzbee
DB John Eubanks
DE Justin Hickman
WR Ryan Hoag
DB Ade Jimoh
OL Kili Lefotu
TE Jake Nordin
QB Jordan Palmer
LB Matt Sinclair
DB Omar Stoutmire
WR Burl Toler
LB Anthony Trucks
DB Byron Westbrook
OL Taylor Whitley
DE Renaldo Wynn

In addition, linebacker Dallas Sartz was waived injured (hamstring).