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Redskins Madden Ratings

A good friend of mine recently alerted me to the Madden Ratings which, although they load incredibly slowly, are available here.

I was going to write a lengthy treatise on their ratings, attacking each miniscule detail at length, but decided that I simply don't have the time, patience, or reason to do so. Though I strongly encourage reader(s) to go in there and rip the thing apart (Santana Moss an 88? Are you kidding me?). Overall, I don't think the entire body of work is way off base, but there were certainly a number of things I might've changed. In any event, here are some relevant overall rankings:

Jason "The Mustache" Campbell 81
Mark "Fu Manchu" Brunell 80
Todd "TexSkins hearts you" Collins 73

Santana "look out behind you, it's Roy Williams!" Moss 88
Brandon "rapper slash receiver... or is it receiver slash rapper?" Lloyd 78
Antwaan "too many names already" Randle El 74

Clinton "still a reliable fantasy RB" Portis 92
Ladell Betts 84
Mike "I am not rated high enough" Sellers

Captain Chaos 90

Chris "Pro Bowl" Samuels 94
Randy "Lost an eating contest to a 90 pound woman" Thomas 93
Jon "What happens in the RV stays in the RV" Jansen 90
Casey "The Brains" Rabach 85
Todd Wade 85

Cornelius Griffin 88
Andre "Beazlebub" Carter 85
Phillip "The Poopinator" Daniels 80
Kedric "enough with the nicknames" Golston 75

London Fletcher 95
Marcus Washington 90
Rocky McIntosh 78

Carlos Rogers 88
Shawn Springs 88
Fred Smoot 83
David Macklin 76

Sean Taylor 90
LaRon Landry 85

Shaun Suisham 79

Derrick Frost 76

I should be pretty busy today as I tie up some personal life loose ends, so you guys entertain yourselves in the comments section or the diaries on the right hand side of the page. Play nice.