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Will Whitticker was released

Per Redskins Insider and the Official Site, which I'm quoting:

The Redskins released offensive lineman Will Whitticker one day after he had suffered a high ankle sprain in practice...

Whitticker, 6-4 and 356 pounds, went down with his own injury on Monday afternoon. He had hopes of making the Redskins' roster as a backup guard.

"When something like that happens, you hate it," head coach Joe Gibbs said. "We had to make a decision. It came down to [this]: Did we think that he was going to be one of the guys to make it?

We've now lost the largest Redskin by a decent margin. A cursory examination of the roster says Big Joe Salave'a weighs in at a healthy 337, though more scrutinizing eyes could find someone listed larger.

We also picked up a (likely exclusively) preseason RB placeholder:

To replace Whitticker on the Redskins' roster, the Redskins signed running back Dee Brown.

Brown, 5-10 and 210 pounds, played for the Kansas City Chiefs the last two seasons. (He worked with Al Saunders in 2005 with the Chiefs.)

The Redskins signed Brown to ensure depth for preseason games.

It will end in tears.

This is especially unfortunate for yours truly as Will Whitticker pretended to be my friend on Facebook, thus making me feel slightly more significant than is warranted. I convinced myself that I was moving up in this crazy world, befriending professional athletes that played for my favorite team but, alas, the Redskins dashed my hopes by cutting him. All of which goes to show that injuries suck. Best wishes in the future Will, I hope you find your way to a roster.