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Question: Antwaan Randle-El or Brandon Lloyd as #2 WR

As the results from our last poll are now obsolete as the team has cut Casey Bramlet, I figured that we needed a new poll. I'm not feeling especially creative, so we'll stick with training camp battles, this time focusing on wide receiver. But first, results from the last poll:

Casey Bramlet 26 votes - 52 %
Jordan Palmer 16 votes - 32 %
Todd Collins 6 votes - 12 %
Other 2 votes - 4 %

Poor Casey Bramlet was a favorite to reader(s) but not to the organization, though admittedly this is one of the smaller sampling sizes worked with lately. We were overcome by events, I'm afraid. Jordan Palmer pulls in at two and his chances look bright as ever, as Bramlet was cut in order to give Jordan more reps (or so they alleged). Todd Collins did not get much love, and neither of you just-have-to-be-different folks cared to justify your "other" vote in the comments section.

The new poll question will be: Who do you think should be the #2 wide receiver on the Washington Redskins? Obvious answers are Antwaan Randle-El and Brandon Lloyd, who are vying for that spot as we speak. I will include an "Other" option with a caveat; it needs to be reasonable. You can select anyone currently on the Redskins roster or some NFL player the team has a legitimate and foreseeable shot at getting in free agency. No trades unless they are, at a minimum, rumored. If you are really feeling down on both Antwaan and Brandon you can select "Other" as a placeholder for "Neither" though let's try to think happy thoughts. Poll is below and will be on the right sidebar momentarily.