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BREAKING RUMOR: Sean Taylor MRI on knee?

Update [2007-8-8 21:25:20 by Skin Patrol]: Redskins Insider says Taylor is fine:
Just spoke with Jason, who's on the practice field, about rumors that Sean Taylor hurt his knee, was carted off, ambulanced to a hospital for an MRI. "I'm watching him run right now," Jasno said. Trust us, we'll report news to you when it happens.
Update [2007-8-8 16:41:56 by Skin Patrol]: Update from the same link:
Latest word is that the injury was to Sean Taylor’s left knee…not the same knee he injured in 2004, which is good news. Our source informed us that he was NOT in "significant pain" when leaving the medical complex moments ago. We’ll keep you updated.
Hat tip to an emailer who sent me this link to Post Game Heroes:
Our inside sources, within Skins' training camp, report that star safety Sean Taylor is receiving an MRI after injuring his knee. More details as they emerge.
I cannot speak to their sources or the site or anything, really, which is why a great big RUMOR caveat is above. As soon as additional information becomes available, I'll post. Hopefully it turns out to be just a rumor.