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Antonio Pierce: Redskins suck

Update [2007-8-10 19:47:36 by Skin Patrol]: I called the person who made this video a douche. Somehow this person found the site and emailed me in his own defense. With his permission, I'm posting our correspondence on the issue of "douche"ness as relates to this video, because I think everyone who is accused of douchery should have the right to defend themselves against their accusers. Reader(s) are encouraged to reach their own conclusions:
I am the "douche" that you referred to on your website. I can't believe you say that this gets under your skin. I could have cut this to say that the Redskins suck, however I kept it original and so even a skin fan could understand it was a joke. I was asking him to send a message to my buddy Rich who is a HUGE skins fan. Antonio did, and Rich laughed.....enough for me.

I am sorry if I upset your life, but try something new for a change and enjoy it instead....although I would be on edge too if I was a skins fan:

Shitty owner who has no clue, losing record year after year, and always being Big Blues little bitch.

Have fun routing for overpriced, over the hill, and no talent skins.

So I ask who is the douche now skin flute?....oh I mean Skin Patrol?

I responded, defending my word choice and requesting permission to post his defense, given that it is the appropriate and fair thing to do. Here are parts of his 2nd response, which is also posted with permission:
I guess you needed something exciting to write about besides the ranking of the Redskins players on Madden.

Great in depth reporting.

I do think the site is great, and have always enjoyed the friendly ripping of fellow NFC East fans, however to call me a douche for no reason was a little out there for a respectable Redskins reporter/blogger.

"Blogger" is that an internet term for retired Dungeons and Dragons player?

See you in the Dragons Lair.

How dare you? I am not nor have I ever claimed to be a "reporter". I report nothing. I also stand by my original post; it accurately and fairly portrayed my feelings on the video which have not changed despite this dialogue. But I do appreciate the You Tuber (who has requested all personal info be withheld, a request I grant happily) emailing me and reading the site.
This flabbergasted me and apologies to anyone else who posted it first, but I can't find it elsewhere. Some douche felt the need to make bad blood between Pierce and his former team by putting him on the spot point blank. Antonio is smiling when he says this, so it isn't a vitriolic attack on the Redskins, but he could have should have handled this differently.

Curse you Antonio Pierce.

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