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Chris Cooley is a gentleman in a gentleman's world

There isn't much to add on this story that hasn't already been said. I'm a day late and a dollar short on it but I could not forgive myself for failing to bring it to reader(s) attention. It starts with The Best Mike Wise Article In History chronicling the transition from Chris Cooley to Captain Chaos to Married with enough brilliant anecdotes to fill this space for weeks. For those of you who didn't know, here's where Captain Chaos came from:

Captain Chaos was born in 2005 when former teammate Brian Kozlowski bet Cooley $100 he would not introduce himself as such to the St. Louis Rams' captains before a game. "There were five captains," Cooley said. "I looked every one in the face and said: 'I'm Captain Chaos. Nice to meet you.' " Reebok made a T-shirt and it stuck.
Old news, old news. But this little tidbit about Chris Cooley and his new fiance, former Redskins Cheerleader Christy pictured below, is not:

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Here is the money shot from Wise's article:
According to [Captain Chaos], [Christy's family] know[s] a good time. In honor of Christy's 21st birthday last year, Christy's father, Scott, and Cooley threw back 21 shots of Jim Beam bourbon. Apiece. "Oh, we were hurtin'," Cooley said.

Over the spring, Chris, Christy, Scott, her uncle Craig and aunt Shannon ended up at Vixens Gentlemen's Club in West Virginia for what turned out to be a family outing.

"Everyone knew who Chris was," Christy said. "The owner came out, they gave us VIP treatment and all of a sudden I look up and the strippers are dancing to 'Hail to the Redskins.' It was crazy."

The peanut gallery is already running over this, first at Sandy, Baby:
Not only is CC now the clear heir apparent to Sonny Jurgensen and John Riggins on this team now, but his fiancee's family sounds awesome/insane.
And the Steinberg:
Strippers in West Virginia dancing to Hail to the Redskins? Drinking 21 shots of Jim Beam with his future father-in-law? Partying in a Wild West Saloon with Dale Earnhardt Jr., who drives for the enemy, incidentally? Joe Gibbs better slip three or four thousand copies of the Bible to his starting tight end. And an invite to meet Denny Hamlin.
I'm the last guy to the party, who shows up after everyone else is already good and drunk, with nothing to add to the fun nor shenanigans but a look of disbelief that such awesomeanity could happen without my attention or participation, so I'll leave it at that. The Mike Wise story with attendant commentary from Dan and Sandy, Baby will serve Hogs Haven reader(s) better than anything I have to add. Enjoy yourselves.

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