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Minor injury updates

From the mouth of our Director of Sports Medicine or whatever title we give to the guy in the know as relates to injuries, Bubba Tyer, per Redskins Insider:

Whitticker has what appears to be a high ankle sprain, and is in crutches with a boot on his right ankle as we speak. It looks like a longp-term injury and he will get an MRI on Tuesday.

Will says he can feel the pain all the way up his leg and in his knee. "My whole leg hurts," he said. Whitticker said he doesn't know exactly how it happened. "I don't even know, I just felt my knee buckle," he said.

Not bueno, especially as it is followed up by minor injuries to Ladell Betts (neck) and Mike Sellers (knee). As if we weren't skinny enough at RB with injuries to CP and no one really behind Sellers -- Nehemiah Broughton, on injured reserve, is being played by Pete Schmitt, an undrafted rookie seond-year player out of Wisconsin-Whitewater, which sounds suspiciously like Wisconsin-Wherever. As Ben pointed out


And it has come to our attention that Pete Schmitt has been playing both fullback and tight end. Curly R Conduct Policy generally forbids a player from holding two positions. Sean Taylor is the only approved exception, allowed to play both safety and wild-eyed lunatic. Mr. Schmitt will have to pick a position. At tight end he will be behind Chris Cooley and Todd Yoder and at fullback he will be behind Mike Sellers, irrelevant of the fact that Mr. Schmitt has never played fullback. Congratulations are due Mr. Schmitt. Being not good enough to play his natural position but good enough to play a position he has never played before qualifies Mr. Schmitt for fast-track management training at Curly R.

Indeed. Perhaps.

7th round pick Tyler Ecker has not seen much field due to a lingering groin injury. Jason predicts cuts looming in his near future. So effing frustrating.