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Depth Chart released

Update [2007-8-7 15:30:7 by Skin Patrol]: Gary Fitzgerald comments on the depth chart here:
Why is Stephon Heyer listed as third-string left tackle behind Taylor Whitley, even though Heyer is expected to start at left tackle in place of Chris Samuels in the preseason opener? Why does it matter on Aug. 7? As Joe Gibbs and Joe Bugel stressed last week, they are mixing and matching at the position. Nothing is set. It could be that coaches want Whitley to come off the bench because he is more versatile than Heyer. So if there's an injury at guard on the opening series, Whitley could step in there.
Fair enough.
Hat tip to Riggo's Rag for catching the first release of the team's depth chart thus far in the preseason. Here are some things that caught my eye:
  1. Landry is listed behind Prioleau.
  2. Dallas Sartz is 3rd string, but The Hamburglar is 2nd string.
  3. Rocky McIntosh ahead of Lemar Marshall.
  4. Carlos Rogers ahead of Fred Smoot ahead of David Macklin ahead of Jerametrius Butler ahead of Ade Jimoh.
  5. Depending how you read it, James Thrash is ahead of Brandon Lloyd (backing up Santana Moss; Lloyd is behind Randle-El). This might be meaningless.
What really caught me off guard was that Stephon Heyer is 3rd string at LT behind Taylor Whitley. This doesn't at all mesh with reports that Stephon Heyer will start in place of an injured Chris Samuels this weekend against the Titans. If he's good enough to protect Jason Campbell's blind side in a preseason football game, he ain't third string.

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into an August 7th Depth Chart.