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So long to Casey Bramlet

Word at Redskins Insider is that Bramlet is curtains:

Jason called in to say that the Redskins have said so long to Casey Bramlet. His best guest is that they'll use the roster spot for a kicker or punter, maybe even bringing in someone in time for today's practice...

Since Palmer is eligible for the practice squad, it could be that the team won't make any other QB moves. It would be pretty shocking if they were to cut Collins now or in the near future.

Obviously the Redskins are better positioned to make an informed decision on Bramlet than I am at my keyboard. Still, I can't help but wonder how silly it was to send this guy to Europe in the first place. He did everything one could reasonably be asked to do in that capacity, yet he gets jobless anyways. Worse still, it sounds as though Todd Collins and Mark Brunell are going to remain gainfully employed. Is the third string quarterback so vital that a veteran presence is necessary? Why not develop Jordan Palmer (or Casey Bramlet)? They may not be a Todd Collins just yet, but their potential is light years above his. Remember also that those options aren't cost neutral.

Best of luck, Casey. We'll always remember you as the Most Valuable Player in the entire World (bowl).

WTF mate?