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Redskins-Ravens Scrimmage

The big news was that nobody played. Randy Thomas, Clinton Portis, and Chris Samuels didn't even pretend to play, and the rest of the starters saw limited action. No sign of Jason Campbell who participated in 7-on-7 drills but saw zero snaps against the entirety of the Ravens defense (which wasn't actually the Ravens defense, as they rested their defense as well). Jordan Palmer managed simultaneously praise and questions about his immediate future with the team. Hog Heaven says Landry could be starting sooner than history would suggest; good. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.

A scrimmage is what it is and this one was especially uneventful given that we didn't play anyone. The best news is that there wasn't any, as we avoided injuries entirely. That probably won't happen next Saturday as Your Washington Redskins cruise to Tennessee for a vengence kill of last year's very disappointing loss to the Titans. If we win, I will prepare a piece about how great the victory was, how different the team looks relative to this time last year, and how the game had meaning even if it didn't. If we lose, I'll say that it was just a pretend football game and that fans shouldn't worry at all. Insincere? Maybe, but I love this team.

Football has arrived. Also, Redskins Cheerleader Playoffs: you get your ass over there and vote (for Eileen).