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Blog Show 18: The Camera Loves Hogs Haven

More and more shameless self promotion; it never ends. Whateva! Whateva! I'll do what I want.

Blog Show 17 aired on Friday and I watched, in real time, not You Tube style, as Hogs Haven dominated the screen for the 2nd week in a row. You can take my word for it, or just watch:

I also noticed we were featured in the regular Washington Post Live television show (but not mentioned) for those crazy folks who would insist that Blog Show isn't real T.V. at all. 'Yotches, we were on real T.V. Twice.

And all I had to do was post a video of Jason Campbell performing miracles. Dan Steinbeg needs to case his slanderous claims and just accept the fact: It was real. And even if it wasn't, why must you crush my dreams?

Update [2007-8-6 11:18:15 by Skin Patrol]: Speaking of navel gazing, I don't mean to brag but...