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I put my pants on one leg at a time

and then I win pick'em contests. Not really, though. Week 15 of last year I was 134-89; that's double-plus ungood. But I'm like, totally pumped up about getting clowned on once again, as I've inexplicably agreed to combat with greater minds than my own. Take it away, Post Game Heroes:

Coming to readers this football season, MBP and Dagger from Post Game Heroes will take on our good friends at The Curly R and HogsHaven in an epic battle. This will be a three way competition, with each blog going up against the other two, picking NFL winners against the spread. Each week, all three of our blogs will post our picks (for every game on the schedule that week), and, after the weekend, we will re-visit the blog entry to see how we did compared to our competition. At the end of the season, the blog with the best overall record gets the trophy. As of right now, the winning blog will get to post WHATEVER THEY WANT on the other 2 blogs' sites for a full day. If you readers out there have any other ideas for a prize or punishment, then feel free to comment below. MBP and I fully expect to win this thing and we'd love to get your thoughts on additional ways in which we can rub their faces in proverbial blog poopy. As I'm sure you have surmised by know, MBP and I are the resident Steeler fanatics on this here blog and would like nothing more than to see these Skins bloggers watch both their teams and their blogs lose this season. No offense to the rest of the PostGameHeroes team (which are basically all Skins fans, with the exception of a Pats and a Ravens fan).
Before we get in to this, I need to talk about Mike Tyson's Punch Out for a minute. PGH reader i-Maque said in the comments:
C-Note - you'd better not be badmouthing Mike Tyson's punchout. That is one of the single greatest videogames ever made.
(This in response to some discussion of the crowd in punch out, which was used as prop in the original thread.) Mike Tyson's punchout was a very good game. One of the single greatest videogames ever made? Well that's just hyperbole. It wasn't even one of the best boxing games of all time, as that honor is held by Super Punch Out for Super Nintendo which was clearly a superior game. People still cling hopelessly to this myth that Mike Tyson's Punch Out was so good due almost exclusively to nostalgia. In reality this was a horrible, frustrating, horribly frustrating game. The controls were very unresponsive meaning Big Bald Bull the 2nd or 3rd or however many uncreative times they'd make you fight his fat ass would run laps around you with ease. That shit wasn't fun. After Soda Popinski the game gets ridiculous.

Super Punch Out, on the other hand, was innovative and everything the original was not. It was responsive, it was more intuitive, the characters were better, and the game was a good bit easier to play casually. For those of us that take games too seriously it allowed for the best player to distinguish himself in ways besides just beating Mike Tyson -- which only like 7 people in history have done anyways -- by keeping track of time trials and the fastest knockoutererers. I was fast.

Before I get into picks, which I won't, I also want to express a little pet peeve of mine. Conversationally when persons discuss the Punch Out games, they'll typically be like "God, Glass Joe is such a huge pussy in Mike Tyson's Punch Out." The emphasis in that kind of sentence will be placed varyingly on "God" or "pussy" or "such" or "Glass Joe" or whatever. When in reality, there is no such game as Mike Tyson's Punch Out, nor should anyone discuss "Mike Tyson's Punch Out". The official and operating title of the game is, emphasis mine, "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!". Note the exclamation points. Whenever discussing the game, you should be like "Bla bla bla about Glass Joe, bla bla bla... MIKE TYSON'S PUNCH-OUT!!" And since I don't know how an extra exclamation point operates -- I have two volumes, shout and not -- maybe you should spit on or punch or add "bitch" to whomever it is you're discussing the game with. The point being that when we're talking Mike Tyson's Punch Out, we need to honor and respect the trademarked name of the game which includes emphatic restatement of that name. Mike. Tyson's. PUNCH OUT. !!

Hogs Haven guarantees victory over Post Game Heroes and The Curly R.