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Redskins @ Jaguars Open Thread

Final game of the preseason is tonight and I'm hopping mad crazy that we're just weeks away from real bona fide football. As per usual, the game will be shown locally on WUSA-TV 9 and Comcast SportsNet which means those unfortunate souls, such as myself, outside of the DC area will have a hard time catching the game. That won't stop us from trying. Kickoff is at 7:30PM Eastern.

I'm sure my blogging colleague River City Rage at Big Cat Country will be watching, so head on over there for a bit of good willed trash-talking. Big story line, er, as "big" as one can be for a preseason game, that deserves mention. Hard to believe It isn't the case that Mark Brunell is playing Jacksonville for the first time since he left tonight (see below):

Brunell is expected to see significant action as competes to become Jason Campbell's primary backup. He is competing with Todd Collins, who has looked sharp in three games in preseason but hasn't thrown a regular-season pass since 2004.

If Campbell proves to be fully healthy in practice this week, then he'll start the game and be followed by Brunell. If Campbell cannot play, then Brunell will draw the start.

In three preseason games so far, Brunell has completed 9-of-23 passes for 102 yards, with one interception.

Starters are mostly familiar faces. Khary Campbell gets the nod at Sam, Stephon Heyer is still in, Pete Kendall will go at guard. Jason Campbell is starting. Portis might maybe kind of play, I'll believe it when I see it.

Speaking of Clinton Portis... Chris Mottram at Mister Irrelevant pointed me to Covering the Redskins where CP is none-too-pleased with his teammates from the U, who never bought him, like, anything:

"These are the worst teammates in the world. I never got anything from Santana accept what I won in a card game we weren't supposed to be playing when we were freshmen. Sean Taylor never gave me anything. Rocky nothing. I even lobbied to bring those guys here."
Before I get attacked, he was joking. Of more interest, as was mentioned in a diary here by reader Justin, Portis suggested (thanks SA) in a Washington Times interview that if he doesn't perform this year he could be out of Washington.
"The world forgot about me this year," he said. "I have to make it work this year or I'll be out of here and probably be doing these same interviews somewhere else."
That's being a bit dramatic. A 26 year old running back two years removed from the most productive rushing season in this franchise's history isn't at risk of losing his job anytime soon. Unless, of course, and as he notes, that his recent injuries are persistent throughout the rest of his career. I'm not betting on that. Prior to last year he'd missed one game as a Redskin and three games as a Bronco. He has two 16 game seasons under his belt. While his financial compensation will go up significantly in the coming years, I have every confidence in him that he will earn that salary and his spot on the team. But I encourage reader(s) to make the case as the discussion is worth having. Is he looking over his shoulder at Ladell Betts who, last year, proved himself comparably productive in yards (if not touchdowns) and is a significantly cheaper alternative? Or is he more worried about his future without Joe Gibbs, the coach who brought him in due to a philosophy that demands a high profile running back?

I'm sure at some point my amigo Ben will be live blogging the affair so go bug him if I'm not around, which I probably won't be as there is an event later on this evening I have to attend. I am told there will be TVs there, however, so by the grace of the god of NFL Preseason Broadcasting I will be with reader(s) in spirit. This is your gameday open thread.