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Redskins are straight nuts

Earlier today Extreme Skins pointed me to a video clip at NBC where an attractive young woman describes how Casey Rabach last year stole some donuts from Jon Jansen, who trashed his locker. Oh you crazy guys. That's the kind of good natured ribbing you'd expect from your offensive linemen.

Jansen and Rabach have taken it to the next level. Throughout training camp the two of them have been sharing an RV in between practices doing who knows what back there. Bram Weinstein provides the scrotum scoop:

In what had to be one of the more ridiculous moments of the summer, Larry Michael and I interviewed Jon jansen and Casey rabach on the field after practice, while neither would comment on the large RV they are renting which is parked in the back of the lot at Redskins park.. They go in there together in between practices and do undesirable things..
"Undesirable things" huh? You mean like stealing each other's donuts, right? (emphasis mine)
Rabach has a penchant for showing off his nuts in the locker room and did so while we were talking to them.. Larry asked about Rabach's "brain," to which he explained how much work he has put into increasing the size of his ballsack.. Jansen agreed that Rabach has one of the largest ballsacks he's ever seen.. Rabach also was mooning the Fox Morning Show live shot yesterday, which apparently could be seen visibly but from a long distance and you'd have to have known what you were looking for.. Rabach and Jansen admit they are always looking for ways to get their ass on TV..
Ok then! Reader(s) be sure to keep your eyes peeled poked out for shots of Casey Rabach or else Jon Jansen's ass, if you're into that kind of thing.

Meanwhile, earlier today at the official site...:

Gibbs was also asked about Casey Rabach, the former Baltimore Ravens center who joined the Redskins in 2005.

"He's one of the most valuable people on the team," Gibbs said. "He makes every call in there. He's extremely bright.

"When people talk about free agency, and you're asked why you do it...well, Casey is why."

But what does Coach think about his abnormally large ballsack?

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