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All your quarterbacks are belong to us

Curtain call is coming soon for our army of quarterbacks, that includes Jordan Palmer, Todd Collins, and Casey Bramlet all battling for the ever crucial #3 clipboard holder extraordinaire. I neglect to mention Mark Brunell here because Covering the Redskins spoke positively of Mark and I am compelled by his pronouncement:

[Brunell] admits he would love to start, ("Who wouldn't, I'm sure Todd Collins wants to start too.") but has seemingly come to terms with the decision to go with Campbell and openly is trying his best to help Campbell in his progression.. Just opinion here, but I think Brunell deserves a lot of praise for handling the situation with about as much grace as could possibly be expected.. I'd be stunned if they made a move should Atlanta call this summer, but I suppose you never know..
But don't take my word for it, as I'm going to give reader(s) a chance to voice their dissent with that shortly. See below.

Redskins Gab tells us that Campbell then Brunell will see the lion's share of snaps in this Saturday's scrimmage -- no surprise there -- though that could mean earlier than usual cuts at quarterback, as there simply won't be a need to keep on roster players who won't get a chance to prove themselves. This theory is supported by Jason La Canfora at the Post:

The NFL does not require teams to trim their rosters until late August, but the Redskins may end up shedding a quarterback well before then. Washington has five passers in training camp and there simply is not enough work to go around...
The Redskins scrimmage at Baltimore tomorrow and begin their preseason schedule a week after that. Coaches say they want starter Jason Campbell to get as much practice with the first unit as possible. Backup Mark Brunell is coming off shoulder surgery, and the Redskins want him to get plenty of work to make sure he has recovered.

That does not leave too many throws for the three men with hopes of earning the No. 3 spot -- Todd Collins, Casey Bramlet and Jordan Palmer.

Jason goes on to say that Todd Collins has a better shot than Jordan Palmer, given his experience. This directly contradicts an earlier WaPo piece by Steve Yanda, that said, per a "source close to the matter", the team would not keep both Brunell and Collins. Interesting note on Bramlet:
Bramlet had a strong season in NFL Europe, but many scouts discount that.
I'd upgrade the wording from "strong" to "outstanding"; he was one of the best players in NFL Europa, winning World Bowl MVP honors. If that isn't enough to get an honest look from scouts, then NFL Europa's recent dispansion is totally justified. What a waste of time. Final word from the Post on this matter:
Gibbs hinted that the team could be down to four quarterbacks before the first preseason game on Aug. 11 at Tennessee.
Hogs Haven is calling it as JC starter, Brunell backup, Casey Bramlet 3rd string, Jordan Palmer practice squad, and happy trails to Todd Collins. That is perhaps placing too much faith in Yanda's unnamed source, but I've got no credibility to lose anyways.

We haven't done a poll in a while, so I'm putting the matter to reader(s). First, results from our last poll:

Who do you fear the most?
Philly Eagles    105 votes - 57 %  
Dallas Cowboys    69 votes - 37 %  
New York Giants    9 votes - 4 %
Fairly cut and dry. Eagles are the clear favorites, Giants provide little reason for trepidation. My own feelings mirror those of voters, so thanks for that guys.

Civil duty accomplishable below; Who should be the 3rd QB on the Redskins? This presumes JC as starter and Mark Brunell as 2nd string, so I'm including an option of "Other" that should capture any and all voters who disagree with that assumption, as well as those who think we will or should pursue a veteran in the offseason. If you do select other, or anything really, I'd be pickled tink if you would bless the rest of us with your thoughts on the who/what/why in the comments section below.


Who should be the 3rd QB on the Redskins?

This poll is closed

  • 14%
    Todd Collins
    (8 votes)
  • 50%
    Casey Bramlet
    (27 votes)
  • 31%
    Jordan Palmer
    (17 votes)
  • 3%
    (2 votes)
54 votes total Vote Now