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SB Nation Sports Report

Per Stampede Blue:

TheSportsGuru and BigBlueShoe wrap up their NFL season preview by breaking down the NFC East tonight on the SB Nation Sports Report, the official podcast of SB Nation!

What's on tonight?
The NFC East gets a preview. Michael Vick, convicted dogfighter, admits to making a "mistake."

What else will we cram into an hour?
We worship our own genius when it comes to fantasy football. We make fun of ESPN for ending their coverage of sports, opting to cover Michael Vick and ONLY Michael Vick even if we don't want to hear anymore. Baseball playoff picture comes into focus, and hot tennis chicks!

Is it BYOB?
It is impossible to look manly drinking a cider. I don't care if your name is John Wayne and you are packing a bazooka in your pants. Cider is for women who are drinking but don't want to get too drunk because if they do they might tell one of the guys they are drinking with that he's hot and they want to do him.

Tune in tonight at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, on the SB Nation Sports Report at Now!

I might call in to discuss the NFC East.