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Joe Salaseeya

If I had any sense of decency I would have recognized that Joe Salave'a deserved better than cheap punnery; a respectful exit from the team that just released him:

The Redskins have reduced their roster to the league-mandated 75 players by releasing four players, including veteran defensive tackle Joe Salave'a.

The team also waived fullback Pete Schmitt and placed offensive lineman Ross Tucker and wide receiver Jason McAddley on injured reserve.

Salave'a's release comes as a mild surprise--the native of American Samoa was a popular players in the locker room and among fans.

This is where I say something like "Football is a business..." because that's the cliche when one of your favored sons passes on, professionally speaking. But as tempting as it is to exchange in cheap prosaisms here, and it is tempting because my time has been monopolized by a recent endeavor to a degree unfamiliar to me and I need to fill space as thoughtlessly as possible (which I'm doing right now), the NFL-business adage is doubtful the case here as Big Joe was cheaper than many other players, a few of them non-starters. Salave'a would have cost us under 900K against the cap in 2007 which is cheaper than Demetric Evans (917K), James Thrash (~1M), Randall Godfrey (1.3M), and Renaldo Wynn (2.7Mish) among others. More likely Joe Salave'a simply did not impress the coaches enough to warrant a roster spot. In perspective, that means the team thought more of Lorenzo Alexander and Matthias "View" Askew. And Ryan Boschetti although he somehow disappeared from the depth chart. Interesting.

How will I remember the player? Probably as a reliable and extremely valuable sometimes starter sometimes role player on a defensive line and defense generally that was considere elite as recently as 2004 and 2005. I'll also remember him as a shooting guard of unusual size.

Additional cuts per The Redskin Report:

* DB Jerametrius Butler
* DE Jamaal Green
* LB Kevin Jones
* WR Jerel Myers
* WR Todd Pinkston
* DT Bryant Shaw
Not much to add on these. Todd Pinkston was doutbful to make the team ever and the rest of the names, save for Jerametrius Butler, were probably relatively unfamiliar to casual fans. Speaking on Jerametrius, I felt that he was a solid pickup and had a good shot at making the team yet that position is incredibly crowded. Shawn Springs, Carlos Rogers, and Fred Smoot are all virtually guaranteed a spot. David Macklin is pretty close to being guaranteed a spot. Than we have special teams ace Ade Jimoh who has survived cuts before along with Byron Westbrook, who has made more noise lately because of his exploits. This is a nice contrast to earlier this year when one could not read an article about Byron without it referencing his family relationship to some Eagle. And all he had to do was win a preseason football game for us.

Hog Heaven, Redskins cut Salave'a