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Redskins win, Redskins win!

As if preseason games weren't meaningless enough, this time we won a pretend game that barely qualifies as even that given it was cut short in the third quarter. NFL recap. Official Site recap. Oh yea and nobody played:

The Redskins played without six projected starters: Campbell, running back Clinton Portis (knee tendinitis), left tackle Chris Samuels (sprained knee), linebacker Marcus Washington (dislocated elbow), cornerback Shawn Springs (precautionary rest) and left guard Pete Kendall, who arrived only two days earlier in a trade with the New York Jets.
Silver lining: SB Nation's own Paragon SC from Conquest Chronicles noticed a big day out of Dallas Sartz, as he and Anthony Tony Trucks (it just sounds better) teamed up for a one-two punch on Kyle Boller that resulted in a Sartz touchdown. Obviously you hope that every 5th round pick results in a productive starter at best, at a minimum a roster spot. Dallas was not receiving a huge amount of praise heading into this game though this space is thrilled to see him produce. You know what else we're crazy for? Turnovers. It feels like I haven't seen many of them for years.

Third down woes: 0-7 on conversions which contrasts against last week, when it felt like we couldn't not convert on third down. But who cares! It wasn't even a full fake game and Jason Campbell didn't play. That provided a preview for if The Mustache does succumb to injury during the regular season, which is over if that happens. I cannot get pumped up about Todd Collins or Mark Brunell. Speaking of Brunell, he continued to provide controversy where none existed prior by going 0-2 against Todd Collins 8 of 15 for 88 yards performance. Had the game not been called then Mark would have had the opportunity to incomplete more passes. More and more I suspect that Jordan Palmer won't be on this team come the regular season as Todd Collins continues to make a case for himself and I just can't convince myself that Coach Gibbs says sayonara to Mark.

Bram Weinstein is the only sane person on the Redskins Triple X radio coverage. And that's what makes it so awesome.

Once again we were totally anemic running the ball but are still without starter Clinton Portis and missing some crucial personnel on the line. Chris Samuels will return and, even if he doesn't, is now backed up by Todd Wade who is a reliable backup tackle if not starting guard. That position is now held by Pete Kendall even though he didn't see field last night. I'll remain optimistic that we will improve on our very undesirable preseason rushing production given that we haven't really seen a full contingent of starters just yet, though it is troubling that no one on our team can seem to accumulate more than 6 yards on the ground. Should we manage a meager six yards as our longest run in next week's game, it will be for the third time in a row. Do I need to spell it out for you? 6-6-6, mark of the beast, we'd be doomed. Pray for 7 or else 5 yards, reader(s), pray for your lives.

Now we look towards next week when Jason Campbell (giggity giggity!) "could" start. But no Todd Collins:

"Next week, I've already made the decision where we're going to play Jason, then Mark [Brunell] and hopefully Jordan [Palmer]," Gibbs said in his Redskins-Ravens post-game comments on Saturday night.

He added: "I'd like to get Jordan some work in there, too. We'll kind of change that around and take Todd [Collins] out of the mix there."

Couple ways to look at this. Either Todd Collins has already earned his spot on the team and has nothing left to show or he hasn't shown enough. The latter seems unlikely given that he's pretty much the only one who has shown a lot this preseason. And that's not even true, as Mark Brunell has shown a lot of nothing. The sample size on Jordan Palmer is going to end up so small that nothing the team does with him will seem surprising, and it won't be based on the preseason. He's going to make or not this team on the merits of his practice performance and little else.

And here's the weather at FedEx field right now: Partly cloudy with rain on the horizon. Let's hope that isn't metaphorical (<--real word).