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Beating the buzzer Open Thread: Redskins host Ravens

I'm running around like a chicken with head cut off so forgive me if I don't provide the usual flurry of information prior to the game, though thankfully my tardiness in getting this up was assisted by delays due to weather; everything you need to know is here. This is a pitiful effort on my part and I apologize for that, but I've been driving for hours today and just wanted to provide a thread where fans could discuss the game in real time. I should be around(ish) to discuss back, so if you have any questions or just want to shoot shit over the game, post a comment below.

Also check out Baltimore Beatdown which has its own open thread available for your viewing pleasure. As always, my dude Ben will be all over this game if you absotively posilutely need to talk Redskins right this minute, and I'm in absentia.

This is your Washington Redskins open thread. I'll update and post below as time permits.