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Fred Beasley a Redskin, Tyler Ecker is no longer

Update [2007-8-24 16:1:18 by Skin Patrol]: Covering The Redskins drops this:
Also, the first draft pick to be cut is TE Tyler Ecker who was released outright upon completion of the Pete Kendall deal.. Ecker was a 7th round selection out of Michigan, he injured his groin early in camp and never practiced again.. From what I heard, he was running with a strength coach the other day getting closer to a return and all things were looking up.. After the strength coach left, Ecker did some running on his own (against the advice of the particular coach) slipped, fell and re-injured his groin.. Now he's gone..
That is rough.
Hat tipped towards Hog Heaven, who brought the recent signing of FB Fred Beasley to my attention:
The Washington Redskins have signed free agent fullback Fred Beasley, the team announced on Thursday.

Beasley, 6-0, 246pounds, is an eight-year NFL veteran. He has spent the majority of his career with the San Francisco 49ers.

Last year, Beasley spent training camp with the Miami Dolphins, but he was released prior to the start of the regular season.

Consider this move a vote of no confidence in place-holder Pete Schmitt, who is with the team only because our usual backup fullback, Nehemiah Broughton, is on injured reserve due to a knee injury (are those things contagious in Washington?). But who cares, really, because Mike Sellers was assembled from unbreakable parts and has mutant powers that afford him accelerated healing as well as indestructibility. Nothing will keep Sellers off the field. Which is good, because with a vote of no confidence in Schmitt by having signed Beasley -- who hasn't played a game since 2005 by the way -- it appears we'll need Sellers at 100% throughout.

Dee Brown was released to make room for Beasley. By sheer coincedence, Dee Brown was one of a few expendable players I listed earlier in the week who could have been cut to make room for Randall Godfrey in place of Lemar Marshall. But what do I know?