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Brett Keisel fined thousands of dollars

Per Redskins Insider:

Just heard that Brett Keisel, the Pitt. DE who hit Jason Campbell int he left knee, was fined $12,500 for the hit, according to a league source. He was also penalized 15 yards on the play for a personal foul.
Whatever. If Jason Campbell's knee reinjures itself htey should triple the amount and put him shackles (shackles I say!). The truth is there is no price on Jason's speedy recovery and Keisel's hit ruined my week. Then again, 15K is a lot of money.

I say all that in more anger than is really warranted. On behalf of Redskins fans I can still say eff Brett Keisel without ignoring the substantial amount of pain and suffering a 15 thousand dollar hit to the paycheck causes, even if the guy is already a hundreds of thousandionaire, at a minimum.

Rants and raves encouraged in the comments section below.