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Lemar Marshall is a Bengal

Per David Elfin of the Washington Times, Lemar Marshall is now a Cincy Bengal:

It didn't take long for former Redskins linebacker Lemar Marshall to find a job. Two days after getting cut, he signed with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Marshall was with the Redskins during Marvin Lewis' lone season as defensive coordinator. He is also a Cincinnati native. The Bengals said Marshall signed a one-year contract.

It was also suggested that Marshall could see time on special teams, which would void any suggestion that one reason he couldn't play in Washington was his refusal to play ST.

Great news for Lemar Marshall, as I knew he'd land on his feet. I wish him no ill will as, besides the '06 season which was only partially his fault, he did great things for my Washington Redskins. He was a big time contributor on two consecutively competitive defenses.

[An aside: By traditional metrics the '04 defense was top 5 and the '05 defense was top 10, but I think the '05 defense was actually the better of the two. Discuss.]

Curly R brings up a number of interesting points about Randall Godfrey and I'll steal from him. Did anyone else notice that Godfrey was a free agent nearly 6 months ago yet only recently found a team? Lemar Marshall is cut and 48 hours later he's already found a team? Huh.