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We still don't feel strongly for draft picks

I read it first at The Redskin Report so he gets my hat tip towards the Redskins Insider who confirms:

The Redskins have acquired guard Pete Kendall from the New York Jets to fill their void at left guard, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Kendall, who has endured a rocky relationship with Jets management in recent years, is a smart, capable veteran who can replace departed free agent Derrick Dockery. He can play all three interior positions but the Redskins have an immediate need at left guard, with tackle Todd Wade struggling to make the transition to that position, and relying on reserve Mike Pucillo in that spot in last week's preseason game.

Jason La Canfora calls the move necessary and good given the situation we've been put in by injuries on the line and perhaps Todd Wade's struggles at adjusting to guard. That he can play center or either guard is a huge plus for a coaching staff that places an emphasis on versatility, no doubt.

And the fallout:

The Redskins have been averse to trading any more 2008 draft picks - their 4th rounder is already gone from last year's acquisition of TJ Duckett - and I have not been able to nail down if they gave up a 4th or a 5th in 2009, but it's believed to be one of those two picks. They gave Kendall a $1 million raise as part of the deal as well, so he'll make $2.7 million this season. Kendall has played previously for Seattle, Arizona and New York.
4th rounder? 5th rounder? Oh who is counting anymore anyways. They're just draft picks.

I understand the move. This is necessity driven by what the coaching staff sees on the offensive line, and I'd rather lose a draft pick than lose Jason Campbell to injury down the line (pun intended) because we can't protect him. If they think Pete Kendall can do the job then so be it. Count on backlash if he doesn't, as this is the quintessential mortgaging of the future for the present as Pete the youngster (he's just 34, yuck yuck yuck) isn't going to be a long-term fix at this position, and neither is one of either our 4th or 5th round pick in 2009. Or our 4th rounder in '08 thanks to TJ Duckett.

Speaking of TJ Duckett, he was brought in at RB as a result of injuries when it turned out we didn't need him at all. He cost us a 3rd and a 4th, much more than Pete Kendall, but let's still hope that's the last comparison made between those two players. If it turns out that Kendall isn't the player the staff thought he was, that he wasn't as necessary as they thought, that it turned out we overreacted to injury, it wouldn't be the first time. Just sayin'.

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