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Breaking News: Redskins release Lemar Marshall

Per the Official Site:

The Redskins have released linebacker Lemar Marshall, the team announced on Tuesday.

The move comes as somewhat of a surprise, as Marshall was a versatile linebacker who could play all three positions for the Redskins.

But with Marcus Washington slowed by a dislocated right elbow this preseason, it appears the team wanted a linebacker with greater size than Marshall's 6-2, 225-pound frame.

Uhh, so sign one and cut Leigh Torrence, or Mathias Askew, or Dee Brown, or Jake Nordin, or Burl Toler, or any other number of identifiable camp fodder revealed by a compendious examination of our roster. Lemar Marshall? What the deuce?

So much for the suggestion that Rocky has done well enough to possibly play for an injured Marcus Washington which would necessarily leave the weak-side job to Lemar Marshall, where his size is less of an issue.

Gary Fitzgerald goes on to note that "Marshall is among the success stories for the Redskins' personnel department this decade" then documents that success, which makes the move all the crazier, in my opinion. And to replace what I thought was a clear-cut "Redskins guy" whatever the fudge that concept is supposed to mean now, we sign someone else's 11 year veteran who happens to be bigger, although I can't confirm that since he doesn't exist in either the current or former NFL player's list at the league's official site. He's not on the roster. All we know of Godfrey is:

Godfrey is an 11-year NFL veteran who has played for the Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks and San Diego Chargers.

Godfrey played for Redskins assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams with the Titans in the 2000 season.

Like Marshall, Godfrey has versatility as a linebacker, but his size makes him a better fit to play the strong-side position.
But we don't even know his size, as that isn't listed. Is he 3 pounds heavier? 15? 100? If he's packaged as a large package it stands to reason to provide the weight.

Another strange development:

The Redskins have also signed wide receiver Jerel Myers, who played in the Arena League with the Kansas City Brigade last year. He spent time on the Buffalo Bills' practice squad in 2003-04.
So did we even need to cut Lemar Marshall? It sounds like we had an extra roster spot. As Lee Gibbons points out, we picked up an additional roster spot due to the Espy injury.

I'll update pending additional information.

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