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This will not be the last year of Joe Gibbs

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There isn't actually any new news to that effect although Mark Maske, a superlative football writer with loads of credibility that I completely lack, recently affirmed that Joe Gibbs is an honest man worth taking seriously:

hR. Do you think Joe Gibbs intends to coach for five years, even if the team disappoints again this season?

MM. I take him at his word on that, yes.

Big congratulations are in order to both Maske and Hail Redskins, the former for his recent publication, which I will buy and the latter for securing and subsequently executing professionally one damn fine interview with the Maske. A bevy of topics are covered ranging from the Redskin specific to the NFC East generally, as that is the subject of Maske's book -- which is why you will buy it too. These aren't the droids you're looking for.

The real reason that Joe Gibbs won't leave this year is because that contingency is based entirely on a disastrous 2007, which could lead to his premature evacuation (giggle). But since a disastrous 2007 is just too horrible to ponder, let's pretend it never happens. The Redskins will play with distinction this year which will motivate the greatest Coach in NFL history to make good on his promise to stay with this team through 2008.

Getting tangential for a moment, in case you missed it I made the statement that Joe Gibbs is the greatest Coach in the history of the NFL and I did so without hyperbole. Having carefully examined resumes of NFL Coaching greats, I found a very small amount of people who deserve to be in the same conversation as Gibbs The Great and am confident that I can argue persuasively to that effect should anyone feel like challenging my assertion, having now done so three or four times while really intoxicated, which is a true measure of whether some belief is worthwhile and supreme. So have it it ye villains and give me a name, or else this space will continue to state that Joe Gibbs is the bestest best Coach in this National Football League's history.