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I don't believe you

A couple things are worth pointing out before I show this video. One, LaRon Landry is at camp and practicing and we should all rejoice for that. Two, there isn't anything new, though it is nice to see Landry handle the media as he cleverly denies knowledge of who shot him in the jewels with a paintball. Your mouth says 'I don't know' but your body language says 'I ain't telling'. Honor among human-cannonballs I guess. Finally, notice that the video is exactly 45 seconds long. I can't help but think this is somehow related to the NFL's cruel dictum that only 45 seconds of footage will be allowed to news organizations per day of football. The reasoning being something like, maybe people will watch more football if we don't let them watch more football. Anyways:

LaRon Landry is no rat.