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Filed under: showing some Redskins love

First, Don Banks had his training camp postcard from Ashburn and repeats what we've been hearing for some time: Jason Campbell is a not a bust:

...nobody in Washington believes Campbell can fail on the level of a Heath Shuler, or even prove as average as a Patrick Ramsey. Saunders told me the kid has way too much going for him from both a character and a talent standpoint for a flameout to occur.

"He won't fail, because of the type of young man he is, and the way he works and approaches the game,'' Saunders said. "Great quarterbacks have three things: Great composure. Great courage. And great temperament. He has all those intangibles. He just needs to develop his physical technique and his understanding of the offense, and how that part of the game works. But that will come with experience. I actually feel great to be working in the NFL with a kid like this. They're rare.''

Other ground breaking news: Clinton Portis is the starter (so long as he gets healthy), Jordan Palmer isn't his brother and has looked "shaky", and Landry won't squeal on Paintballgate.

Also, hat tip to a very skeptical Ryan O'Halloran at the Times, but apparently Sean Taylor is the biggest hitter in the NFL. Fans won't disagree, though Ryan makes a compelling point that, having looked at the stats, I can't disagree with:

Taylor has shown he can be near the ball because he had a career-high 129 tackles. But he doesnâ€<sup>TM</sup&gtt separate the football from the football carrier. He has only 15 interceptions/forced fumbles in 46 career games. During the same three seasons, Philadelphia star Brian Dawkins has 22 interceptions/forced fumbles.
Still, there's more to being a fierce hitter than forced fumbles -- though that's the best metric -- and certainly interceptions, since in many cases they are entirely unrelated to how hard a person hits; were Asante Samuel and Champ Bailey big hitters last year?

Giving Brian Dawkins his full due, I think some of the hits Sean Taylor has laid on people are incomparably vicious, though I am willing to concede the point pending video evidence. At this moment, Hogs Haven happily accepts the Meast as numero uno.