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We are set at kicker and punter

Bram Weinstein of Covering the Redskins says we've got no punters or kickers around to challenge Shaun Suisham or Derrick Frost for position:

Asked if Danny Smith is happy with only one punter (Derrick Frost) and one kicker (Shaun Suisham) in camp right now, Joe Gibbs said "He better be happy about them, or I am going to kill him." Gibbs said the injuries at FB and TE forced the team's hand at making a roster move.. The curious part was removing the one bit of competition at kicker and punter.. If health returns to those positions, it is possible you will see someone come in to compete with Suisham or Frost..
Specifically those are injuries to 7th round pick TE Tyler Ecker, who is still out with a groin injury (making his future with the team suspect) and FB Pete Schmitt, with a "rotator cuff in his left shoulder" that was serious enough for an MRI. Schmitt is only on the roster because FB Nehemiah Broughton is on injured reserve.

All of this piles up with injuries to Chris Samuels (which carries into the preseason with potentially disastrous results), Clinton Portis (and he will miss the Baltimore scrimmage), and even Randy Thomas, who isn't participating in full drills yet. All this despite easier practices?

Better now than later, though better still: not at all.