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Redskins host Steelers tonight at 8PM Eastern

Update [2007-8-18 21:48:54 by Skin Patrol]: Marcus Washington has a dislocated elbow.
Update [2007-8-18 21:30:23 by Skin Patrol]: Very quick halftime thoughts: Defense looks great, haven't given up a touchdown yet. The only truly disappointing play was giving up a 3rd and 22 on the Steelers last drive, though to the team's enormous credit they stopped two sets of drives to force the Steelers into 3 points. I win a bet with some idiot who likes the Steelers. America wins.

Rocky McIntosh is playing as though his name isn't Warrick Holdman.

Update [2007-8-18 19:41:54 by Skin Patrol]: We're live. I am facing a TV right now, sitting next to an amigo of mine who also happens to blog. Beer in hand. Wings being delivered as we speak. Live is beautiful.

Anyways, I'll be here, there, and everywhere. Join me if you care. Also, I plan on using the comments section as my own little note-taking area, so please ignore the fact that I'm making a bunch of comments to myself.

This is a gameday Open Thread.

It is On Like Donkey Kong for the first time at FedEx Field tonight, 8PM Eastern. Bring your wallet. Programming word per the Official Site:

The Redskins-Steelers game will be broadcast locally on WUSA-TV 9 and Comcast SportsNet. Mike Patrick handles play-by-play with color commentary from Joe Theismann.

On radio, the game will be broadcast on Triple X ESPN Radio (94.3, 92.7 FM and 730 AM) and WBIG 100.3. Larry Michael handles the play-by-play with color commentary from Redskins legends and NFL Hall of Famers quarterback Sonny Jurgensen and linebacker Sam Huff. Bram Weinstein serves as sideline reporter.

I don't mean to alarm you but Bram Weinstein's presence on the sideline during the game means a Blogger (cue scream) is right in the mix covering the game. The revolution will be weblogged.

Projected starting lineup has Stephon Heyer and Todd Wade repeating on the first string line, so pray for Campbell's health. So much for Mike Pucillo getting the start, a contingency I would welcome. At the risk of sounding unhinged or irrationally committed to Mike Pucillo, why can't this guy get a chance to win the spot?

Moving on. The only other thing that leaps out at me is that LaRon Landry is not the projected starter, though we'll find out around 8PM Eastern, and that Santana Moss might play.

I live in neither the Tennessee nor Washington TV markets. Last night I went to a bar with friends to see what Vince Young had to show me and, to my surprise, the bar could not find the game on their satellite coverage. Huh. I now have a sinking feeling, slightly confirmed, that I won't be able to catch Your Washington Redskins against the Steelers on TV today despite my friend's satellite dish and expensive NFL coverage. I will still do my best to make good on my promise to live blog the event, though this certainly hampers my plans. What the deuce, NFL?

Since Ben has been such a nice guy, helping out this blog in my absence, I think you'd do well to head over to the Curly R for a bit of gameday live blogging, as I'm sure he would appreciate.

This is your gameday open thread, feel free to post all your comments/thoughts/dreams/recipes here. We are undefeated as of this posting.