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Sean Taylor and profundity

And we're off:

It's almost like we play a kid's game for a king's ransom
Profoundly spoketh the Taylor in reference to the game he's so good at reflective of his effort level as relates to said game.

I'm a bad blogger as I prepare myself for the knowledge box, though Ben saves the day, somehow, inexplicably somehow, while commenting extensively on our backup situation, Mr. Michael Vick, soon rising defendant, he still manages to really own and explore this space in a day saving maneuver for your incompetent host. I was obsolete when I woke up, moreso now.

Returning to Sean Taylor... halleluiah he's a new man per the Washington Post, changed from one of the fiercest hitters/better safeties in the NFL that happens not to work hard into one of the fiercest hitters/better safeties in the NFL with a new lease on life (in the NFL). Expanding on the snippet from above:

"It's almost like we play a kid's game for a king's ransom, and if you don't take it seriously enough, one day you're going to say, 'Oh, I could have did this, or I could have did that.' " Taylor said. "I'll just say that I'm healthy right now, and I'm going into my fourth year, so why not do the best that I can? Whether it's eating right, whether it's training myself right, or whether it's studying harder. It's whatever I can do to better myself."
Change here precipitated by a trip to Hawaii last year per Gregg Williams -- and Sean Taylor, who wouldn't deny that sentiment -- where apparently spending a little bit of time with a lot of talent makes a world of difference. Who knew? Well, had I, I would have been stuffing more Pro Bowl ballots on these internets, which are far more, er, democratic than functioning democracy could possibly allow. This year I'm voting earlier and oftener.

Is it a physical thing, Sean? Are you bigger?

Taylor casts as intimidating and imposing figure as ever on the field, but seems built as much for speed as for contact now. The Redskins list him at 212 pounds, and he was listed at 232 pounds in last year's media guide, but Taylor countered by saying, "I'm the same weight [as last year], 225."
Had you asked me what makes Sean Taylor the Meast, I would've told you that it was the cartoonishly powerful hits he places on the opposition, reminiscent of poor Wily E. Coyote rocketing himself head first into a wall, which never got old (in this metaphor Sean Taylor plays the wall, Wily E. Coyote plays a mortal).

I've always had trouble grasping the Redskin debate over why Sean Taylor regressed in his 3rd year of play. Not for a lack of reasonably staked positions on either side of that argument, but rather because it's framed around a guy who made his first Pro Bowl, had the most tackles on the team, and didn't really look all that different from the Sean Taylor of yesteryear. The defense looked a whole lot different, specifically Kenny Wright looked a lot different than Walt Harris, Lemar Marshall looked a lot different than Lemar Marshall, and Mike Rumph looked like an overcooked steak. Buuuuuuurnt (oh snap!). And, although I don't know Ryan Clark, you sir, Adam Archuleta/Vernon Fox/Towel Boy, were no Ryan Clark.

Some link Taylor's erratic play to losing the only real partner he ever had in the secondary -- calling Clark a stabilizing force for him -- but Taylor, predictably, played down the development.

"I don't think it's a who-I-feel-comfortable-with type of situation," Taylor said. "I don't think anybody in the NFL is tied to each other."

(Though Ryan Clark says the two still communicate months after the fact, which I think is cool.)

Back to the matter at hand, whether Taylor regressed. I felt that for all those changes in the personnel, Sean Taylor still smelled like Sean Taylor last year, same as he ever was: big, fast, scary, talented, field consuming, etc. As in previous years he was steering clear of fish and showing reckless abandon towards his fatty foods intake. But I'll bite on the improved diet, shoot, why not.

If fishes are the leaven to Sean Taylor's rising doughy stock (in this metaphor, I've completely fucking lost it) then awesome. Whatever causes Sean to elevate his game is peaches and cream to me; I'm with Don Quixote on this new development, whatever he said about fried fish. If I look back to 2007 thinking "Sean Taylor looked a lot like he did in 2006... and 2005... and..." then that will be just dandy as well, because he's a monster on the field and a favorite of this space. His faunal dietary habits are secondary to his extramundane ones, and we're talking about the souls of ball carriers jarred clean from the mortal flesh by all 232 212 225 pounds of MAnimal.

Hogs Haven loves Sean Taylor.

The Fun Bunch, Sean Taylor: Call Him Meast, Call Him Manimal