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Ask Jason Campbell anything

Three big nuggets of news this morning as I haven't found a Redskins related (even tangentially) bit of minutiae that I didn't feel needed to get posted in this space immediately. We'll start at Extreme Skins which, in their infinite wisdom and access, are going to hold an Ask Jason Campbell session:

Extremeskins is pleased to bring you an interactive chat opportunity our future, Jason Campbell.

The chat session will be conducted Wednesday, Aug. 22 and presented Friday, Aug. 24. Our special forum features upcoming chats and can be found at the following location:

Linked above. I think this is brilliant and really speaks towards the greatness of ES as it allows fans a lot more personal access to the players they love than would otherwise be available. More=better when it comes to contacting Jason Campbell directly. Although I doubt it will get posted, I personally asked what he felt about the insane AMI insinuation that his mustache wasn't "real" because chin hair negates lip hair or something like that. (Keith Hernandez? Boooooooooo (although I still love AMI for their hard work in mustache awareness)). All reader(s) are encouraged to post questions immediately as I think this space would love and deserves to hear from one of its favorite subjects.

What to ask? You might put it to him how much he hates the Cowboys although he's far too chillaxed to answer that honestly. But it's a fair and deserving question given that they've recently taken it upon themselves to try and ruin one of the best things teh internets have ever produced; I'm talking about Wikipedia, of course, which has completely replaced my brain as the place where I store knowledge. Anyways, Deuce of Davenport, who apparently blogs 24/7, found a Redskins Wikiwar going on.

[Quick Aside: Blogger Chimpanzee Rage found the Wikipedia abuse in question at 4:00AM... which means he was sitting at his computer looking at the Redskins Wikipedia page when the rest of us were asleep. As far as I'm concerned, doing research on Your Washington Redskins that early in the morning qualified CR as an award worthy blogger and master of his craft. He fights the good fight constantly.]

He has the image up at his site though here's what the (since deleted) Cowboys fans put on Your Washington Redskins Wikipedia Page:

"The Washington Redskins are a professional American football team based in the Washington, D.C. area. The Washington Deadskins suck. Go Cowboys."
And your money shot:
I just stopped looking there. I expected some sorta retaliation on the part of Redskins fans on the Cowboys wiki history, but there wasn't much except someone replaced their page with

    "Worst team ever!!!! HAMBURGERS ARE AWESOME!!!"

which either is a brilliant, sarcastic and half hearted attempt to change the page...or just lame. Luckily, no Redskins fan has attached themselves to the Cowboys page recently...just some Philadelphia Eagles fan on August 8th rudely spouting off with incredibly bad spelling, which makes sense for those mouth breathers.

Which, incidentally, I found so funny that I actually snorted, though thankfully there wasn't anyone around to call me out on it.

Finally, The Curly R notes that has been updated, and we're not just talking aesthetics:

Finally you can find a player that is not on a current roster, which may be Slingin Sammy Baugh or maybe even Aaron Brooks. I always thought it was weird that the NFL guys would eliminate a player from the active rolls within minutes of his separating from the team. Tiki Barber for example is not on a team but he was last year. You could still find his player card by googling Tiki Barber NFL, but unless you could find a disappeared player in a stat link from a past game, there was no other way to see them, and historically they only went back a couple of years anyway. I found Earnest Byner and Sammy Baugh, and I'm pretty satisfied, though I'd like to hear about what others find (or don't find).
Which was exactly why I ended up spending so much more time at Pro Football Resource than since it's a well organized historical database. PFR still has some advantages, in my opinion, though good on NFL for closing the gap. I'm surprised to see myself saying that as usually I treat change as zombies treat brain in that I want lust after eating it alive without reservation. This guy knows what I'm talking about (regarding change, not a CFB postseason, which I disagree sharply, though with enormous respect, with the author). And in this instance I even side with Ben that more change is necessary. A call to arms, reader(s):
As an regular I noticed when they went live with the new site. It is generally very good though there is at least one large problem. I'd like to know your thoughts or even better send them to the NFL directly from here and tell them a football blogger put you up to it.

I demand the NFL take blogs and other non-traditional media outlets seriously starting right now. Those of us that toil like this on our own tirelessly to promote the NFL for free are truly the serfs of the league and if every reader that sees this piece tells the league they read NFL blogs and if every blogger that reads this post asks their readers to send a similar sentiment then maybe they will hear us.

I don't know if we're in a position to reasonably demand anything of the NFL, though I did my part by contacting them nonetheless; you should too.