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Hogs Haven Fantasy Football Information

Update [2007-8-27 22:45:9 by Skin Patrol]: Please join, someone, please. I am begging.
Update [2007-8-27 by Burgundy and Gold]: We're full again...
Update [2007-8-27 by Burgundy and Gold]: Bumping, because someone else dropped out... just one open spot.
Update [2007-8-15 19:10:12 by Skin Patrol]: First come first serve!
We have just four more spots to fill for the inaugural Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League.

Here are the instructions for joining:

  1. Log into your Yahoo! account.
  2. Point your browser to:
  3. Join private league, ID: 178542, password: httr (might be in all-caps, I forget)
The LIVE draft is set for Sun Sep 2 5:00pm EDT.  Post comments with any questions, etc.