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Todd Pinkston a Redskin... for now

As my esteemed colleague from Bleeding Green Nation gleefully pointed out in a diary, the Redskins have signed Todd Pinkston for reasons unknown. Per the Official Site:

The Redskins continue to tinker with the roster and find ways to improve depth. On Monday, the team signed veteran wide receiver Todd Pinkston and defensive tackle Matthias Askew.

To make room for the two newcomers, the Redskins released wide receiver Kyle Brown and defensive tackle Vaka Manupuna.

Besides an opportunity for bodacious nicknamery, neither player represents a huge loss for this space. Said Coach Gibbs:
"Todd is somebody who we felt could upgrade our position over somebody [Brown] who would have a tough time making the team," head coach Joe Gibbs said. "We felt like it was a good time to bring somebody in who might have a chance."
That sounds a bit like admitting he's camp fodder since the entire context of it is that he's better than a guy we just cut -- not a screaming endorsement. In my opinion Pinkston is a guy who will have a tough time making the team given the depth at that position. He's got a ways to prove that he deserves this spot more than recently signed Corey Bradford or perennial camp soldier Mike Espy. And he obviously starts out south of Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle-El, Brandon Lloyd, and former teammate James Thrash on the depth chart.

So, even with a 6 WR roster he's by no means guaranteed a spot.

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