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Mike Pucillo could start this week

That's big time caveated by saying only if Todd Wade has trouble recovering from a shoulder injury, as the team has said they are committed to giving him ample opportunity to earn the starting guard spot vacated by Derrick Dockery. I did not feel that Wade played an especially impressive game against the Titans though understandably he is still learning the position. For the record, Mike Pucillo would not need to learn the position as he started 11 games at guard (after winning the job in training camp) in 2003 for the Bills and six more starts for the Browns in 2005. Whether or not that qualifies him for our starting guard spot is yet -- though perhaps deserves -- to be seen. Source on starts is from his profile.

Gary Fitzgerald has the floor on Pucillo, the offensive line, and injuries:

odd Wade suffered a shoulder injury and sat out Monday's practice. Head coach Joe Gibbs called the injury minor.

If Wade misses more practices this week, he could be replaced by Mike Pucillo for the Redskins' Aug. 18 preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at FedExField.

I'm not going to reach a conclusive opinion on Todd Wade merely from one preseason game but I'm not going to ignore it, either. If the evidence mounts that Wade struggles adapting to the new position, then Mike Pucillo should see field. If we're honest about open competitions, and 5 win teams should be brutally honest about such things, then let's give Pucillo the opportunity to prove his worth against first string defenders at least once this preseason. I hope the team isn't holding back because they've just handed Todd Wade a contract and want to get a fair return on that investment.
"[Todd Wade] deserves every chance," Bugel said. "He needs a lot of work there. If he's going to learn, you have to learn on game days."
Surely this isn't meant literally as Todd Wade deserves every available opportunity to earn the position; in virtue of what, I'd ask?

There's another reason why Pucillo wouldn't be given the chance, as alternatively I think they might think he is simply too valuable as a versatile backup (he can also play center) to spread elsewhere, especially given recent injuries. For example:

Opposite Jansen on the Redskins' offensive line was Stephon Heyer, the undrafted rookie out of Maryland. Heyer strained a hamstring in the game and he also sat out part of Monday's practice.
The injury does not sound that serious, but let's be clear about where we are now at. Our first string tackle Chris Samuels is injured. The heir apparent to that backup position has a hamstring injury. Feels like we're getting spread a bit thin on the offensive line, a strength of this team last year. Hopefully everyone gets healthy and this line returns to form.