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Redskins undefeated on 14-6 win over Titans

Thanks largely to some fourth quarter heroics Your Washington Redskins bested a Vince Youngless Titans on Sunday. I'll do my best to recap the reaction to the win though would caution reader(s) from reading too much into it; this was just the first preseason game. If I were to take one thing from the game it is the money quote from Marcus Washington, who adequately sums up my feelings on the game:

"Winning is a habit," Marcus Washington said. "We want to start off the season with a good habit. We did it tonight. We got a win. It feels good. We're going to enjoy it."
Winning is habitual and best accomplished through practice. As we found out last year, the preseason, which I frequently chided as a meaningless endeavor (because we were losing) turned out to be predictive of our regular season performance. Hopefully a team that performs differently in the preseason -- through winning -- will carry that into the regular season.

Curly R is excited then sadface then happy again over the outcome of the game, tracking well my own feelings on it. We didn't do a very good job protecting Jason Campbell, who fumbled on consecutive drives due to protection breakdowns (though we recovered one).

What went right? The backups played to win and did. Finally, football. Finally, LaRon Landry. I don't know how TexSkins is going to handle the news, but Todd Collins looked like a quarterback... for five passes. Still, paint me impressed.

One of the worst defenses in the league last year held their opponents to the least amount of points this week, though we'll wonder how much of that was due to an absence of Vince Young. Run defense was stout,  holding the Titans to just 2.5 YPC.

Was this a parenthetical win? No. You hold an opponent to 6 points without winning the turnover battle, and you deserve a win in the National Football League. You open the fourth quarter within a touchdown of the lead and good things will happen.

Other thoughts: Are Shaun Suisham's days numbered on a botched field goal? We should see Clinton Portis in a preseason game. 100% of Redskins points were scored by local talent. This glass ain't half full. The defense is back. Ok ok, it wasn't that exciting.

Finally, this is the greatest thing to happen to Redskins blogging in a while: Post Game Heroes breaks down the Redskins offensive line, and I mean breaks it down. Every single play is charted with additional holistic commentary. If you read nothing else about the game, go check out Post Game Heroes (hat tip to Dagger for alerting me to this) and give Dillweed a hollar for his effort here -- and tell him we want this every week.

Hogs Haven happily applauds the return of football and congratulates Your Washington Redskins on their 14-6 win over the Titans.

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